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Truthful Nikon D3100 Reviews Reflect Positive Feedback on the Camera"s Quality Features

Everyone loves to take photographs, though many wish they could capture images like a professional does.
To do so, they need to pull away from the point-and-shoot types of cameras and use a quality digital SLR.
Though every top name brand camera manufacturer produces quality products, Nikon is known to be one of the best.
Of the many positive Nikon d3100 reviews, comments and feedback suggest that they are the leader in entry-level quality cameras.
What makes the lightweight Nikon d3100 stand above its competition is its wide ISO range and its Live View Video shooting with the ability to record Full HD at 1920 x 1080p.
Designed after the popular compact d3000, the d3100 is constructed with a 14.
2 CMOS image sensor with a 3" LCD screen.
It has the ability to capture images to SD/SDHC/SDXC memory cards.
DX Format Image Sensor A few of the Nikon d3100 reviews mentioned how it is constructed with a 14.
2-megapixel DX format CMOS Image Sensor that can capture amazing pictures.
The high-level megapixel resolution allows images to be printed up to sizes greater than 20 inches x 30 inches.
Through fast processing, captured images provide crisp detail and striking contrast in vivid color.
Its new advanced image-processing engine, EXPEED 2, provides stunning genuine image quality, realistic color, exposure, contrast, and speed all with minimum noise.
Full HD Capability and Fast Autofocus With real-time automatic focus and high-quality sound, video is recorded at cinematic quality levels, formatted up to full 1080p HD format.
With its fast 11-point automatic focus system, photographs and videos deliver razor-sharp images.
With its split-second shutter response time, images are captured instantaneously without delay, eliminating any frustration caused by a missed shot.
Expandable ISO Range The Nikon d3100 can capture images in extremely low light conditions up to very bright.
With ISO sensitivity 100-3200, and its optional expansion up to ISO 12800 equivalent, highly detailed images can be captured without the need of flash.
Many of the users who chose to write their own Nikon d3100 reviews said that with its intuitive controls along with its onboard assistance, taking challenging photographs is easy to do.
One Touch Monitor and Scene Recognition The camera is constructed with a wide three-inch monitor that features the One Touch Live View movie and shooting capture.
With its onboard Scene Auto Selector found in Life View, images are optimized automatically for autofocus, exposure and white balance.
The results provide the user with stunning images without the hassle of any kind of complicated camera adjustment.
Advanced Settings Its highly advanced Active D-Lighting naturally restores image-enhancing details in the highlights and shadows.
Picture Control can be adjusted to personalize settings such as Standard, Vivid, Monochrome, Neutral, Landscape or Portrait.
Built-in Flash automatically pops up when the subject does not have enough light, though this can be turned off manually.
Automatic Sensor Cleaning Using an exclusive ultrasonic process, the camera has automatic airflow control that naturally removes any accumulation of powder or dust blocking the image sensor.
This process repeatedly safeguards against accumulated buildup on the sensors and continually maintains the quality of captured images.
It is easy to get confused when attempting to decide which camera best suits the photographer's needs.
However, Nikon has repeatedly proven to build the highest-quality cameras available for sale.
The reason there are extensive positive Nikon d3100 reviews is simply due to the captured quality images and overwhelming enjoyment from the people who use their product.

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