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How to Measure a Tab Top Valance

    • 1). Measure the length of the drapery rod from the left end to the right end. If there are finials on the end of the rod, do not include this area in the measurement. Write down the length measurement.

    • 2). Determine the style of your tab top valance. For a gathered tab top valance, you must multiply the length of the drapery rod by 1.5. For a flat tab top valance, there is no additional length added to the drapery rod.

    • 3). Perform the required math equation if necessary. For example, if you are hanging a gathered tab top valance and your drapery rod is 40 inches long, multiply 40 by 1.5 to reach a total of 60 inches. This is the valance length you will need to cover this window properly. There is no equation for flat tab top valances.

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