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How to Prepare a Home for a Puppy

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      Small cars are fun for everyone, but present a serious choking hazard for puppies.

      Remove small toys from areas where the puppy will be allowed to play. Many children's toys have small pieces. A puppy can easily begin to play with these pieces, then swallow them and choke to death. If you have children, make sure that their toys are out of the areas where the puppy will be allowed to play in order to prevent the puppy from ruining cherished toys or choking to death.

    • 2). Tape cords down. Puppies love electrical cords. The easiest way to prevent them from chewing through them and either destroying your eletcronic equipment or electrocuting themselves--if not both--is to duct tape cords to the floor or wall. This eliminates the issue as your new pet is unlikely to notice cords that are secured.

    • 3). Spray bitter apple repellent on chair and table legs. You cannot put everything out of reach. For example, you simply cannot remove the legs from tables and chairs. Use a chewing repellent like bitter apple, which tastes terrible but will not harm your dog, to set a precedent that furniture is not fun to chew.

    • 4). Remove any poisonous house plants. Many houseplants such as poinsettias, aloe vera and rubber trees are potentially poisonous to puppies. Whether the plant will hurt your puppy or not, your puppy will almost certainly decide to chew the plant to ribbons at some point. The best course of action is to just remove all houseplants from the areas where your puppy will be staying.

    • 5). Pick up pieces of paper. Puppies love to shred paper. They like all kinds: magazines, newspapers, homework and reams of printer paper. Not only is the newsprint bad for them, but it creates a huge mess. If you have magazine baskets on the floor, pick them up before you bring your new pet home.

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