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Shopping Tips For Crib Bedding

When you have chosen the baby's crib, the next step is to choose the beddings.
These are simply the blankets, quilts, sheets, pleat skirts and bumper pads that make your baby's crib appear coordinated, complete and complementary to the room's decor.
In many ways, the right choice of crib beddings equal in importance to the right choice of the crib itself as both serve similar purposes - to keep baby safe, warm and happy.
It is with this though in mind that you can adopt the following shopping tips when looking for the right kind of crib beddings.
Keep in mind that all of these tips are equally important in relation to one another.
Determine Your Budget Like any judicious parent, the first thing to look at is your budget especially when crib beddings will not be used as long as ordinary beddings will be in the future.
After all, your baby will outgrow his/her crib and its beddings.
Fortunately, you can choose from a wide variety of crib beddings that will suit your budget.
Just remember to never sacrifice quality for budget especially when your baby's safety is concerned.
Determine Length of Use You can either opt for crib beddings that can be converted into toddler beddings or just crib beddings specifically made for the crib only.
Your choice can depend on whether you want your child to be surrounded by familiar things during the move from the crib to the toddler bed or you want to redecorate his/her room in a completely different way, respectively.
Of course, if you choose to go for the convertible crib beddings, you must go for quality meaning thicker sheets with higher thread counts.
This way, you are assured that the beddings will withstand countless washes till his/her toddler years.
Determine Safety of Use This is possibly more important than the other tips especially as safety from use of certain crib beddings such as bumper pads and blankets have come into question.
There are some things that you should remember in this case:
  • If you must have crib bumpers, opt for the mesh types.
    This way, the risks for asphyxiation and strangulation from traditional crib bumpers can be significantly reduced.
  • Check the ties, strings and ribbons on the beddings.
    You must not see any of these things exceeding 9 inches in length to avoid strangulation risks.
    Plus, do ensure that the cloth used do not easily unravel to provide babies with strings that can be swallowed.
  • Always ensure that the beddings securely fit the crib mattress.
    This is because a baby can get entangled when the beddings are not securely fastened around the mattress in the course of his/her movements.
    Since mattresses and beddings now come in standard sizes, this should not be a problem but it pays to make sure that indeed it fits.
Determine the Theme Of course, you can choose based on the theme of the nursery.
You have many choices in the matter for both boys and girls so choosing based on theme should not be too much of an issue.
You have the choice of character themes, plain and prints themes, color themes, sports themes, and even fairy tale themes.
Just make sure that you can live with whatever theme you choose.
And that is how you choose crib beddings for your precious bundle of joy!

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