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Hotel Impossible Visited Branson!

If your hotel is not thriving, you can get help. The Travel Channel hosts a one hour show called Hotel Impossible where one of the best €hotel fixers€ in America, Anthony Melchiorri, will come and figure out what you are doing wrong, help fix it, and have a plan to get you on track and make you profitable. And what is pretty cool about the whole thing? Well, Anthony came to Branson!

There was a hotel there in the city that desperately needed this guy's help. They had some great people working for them, but some of the practices were not in the best interest of the guest. Service is essential when working with the public in any profession. There was a lack of management and knowing who was in charge and when. So Anthony came in and organized the hierarchy of the business and gave structure for the employees, including much needed uniforms for the service employees.

Another part of his makeover was to bring the lobby of the hotel into the modern times. He brought in a designer who had a big challenge ahead of her. The wallpaper in the whole building was outdated and instead of taking it down, she simply chose a warm and inviting shade of orange and painted over it. Fixing the peeling seams and decluttering the sitting area made a huge difference in how the space felt.

The pool area of this hotel was gorgeous and underused. The biggest downfall was the over abundance of negative signage on the doors that led to the pool. Taking those away and planning some fun activities for the guests to take part in poolside, made the area a much more widely used spot and one that would be key in their advertising efforts.

Anthony also pulled the marketing gal aside and challenged her to redesign one of the guest rooms to be easily duplicated under a certain budget. The gal did a super job at repurposing certain pieces in the rooms and finding amazing deals on other things like a duvet and artwork that modernized the space. Cheerful colors on the walls made it much less stale and Anthony brought in an iron, explaining that those were vital amenities that customers looked for. He explained that they needed to do their part in making a guest comfortable and then they won't bring their own things in to make their stay more convenient and end up causing damage to the property. (One room had a scorch mark in the carpeting from a customer trying to iron their clothes on the floor. Lack of amenities to be comfortable.)

The last piece of his puzzle brought about a new website featuring their beautiful pool and other great components of their hotel. Being able to reserve a room online is vital for travelers looking to stay in the area. Trying to survive on foot traffic only will lead to your demise. In today's world, you must have an online presence.

In all, it was very interesting to watch and learn. You can tell that the people of Branson care about their visitors and put their safety, comfort and happiness in the forefront of their business model. When you stay at a place, even if you are renting a cabin at Thousand Hills Golf Resort, you will be able to tell that they care about you. Keep watching the Travel Channel for more episodes of Hotel Impossible, they may come to a hotel in your area too!

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