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Mold and Remediation and YOU!

YOU need to know all you can about mold and remediation if you are to keep your home and/or business safe and healthy. There are some sure fire ways to do this if you are will to take the time to learn all you can about the serious problem of mold buildup. Mold is not anything to be laughed at and getting rid of it quickly must be your number one priority.

Many people are terribly allergic to mold and cannot tolerate any mold exposure. Unhealthy and pesky mold is found in many, many places and can grow anywhere there is even a small amount of moisture. If moisture continues to remain in any area, there is a strong possibility for mold. But, it can be controlled by simply following a few simple and easy to follow steps.

First of all, you must find ways to prevent moisture from getting inside your home or building. This includes uncontrolled and rampant humidity. Many older structures have problems with humidity because these homes and buildings aren’t sealed tightly and have inadequate ventilation systems. The drywall used in older structures is a perfect place for moisture to accumulate and become a welcoming home for mold. Other ways for moisture to buildup are: leaky roofs, ineffective gutters and pipes and combustion appliances that are not vented at all or are vented improperly. .

An ideal mold and remediation step that you can take is to make sure that you continually maintain your home. Make sure that you immediately fix any leaking plumbing. If you see any condensation building up anywhere, try to find the source of the problem and don’t wait to get it repaired. If excess humidity is a problem, buy something that will decrease the moisture level in the air or add additional heat to increase the temperature of surfaces in your home. Clean your heating and air conditioning equipment frequently so that they work as they should. Be sure to clean up wet spots quickly and don’t let them sit longer than 48 hours. And, make sure that your drainage systems all work as they should so that water is drawn away from your building’s foundation.

Don’t give mold a chance to start growing anywhere in your home. Prevention is the best method for keeping mold at bay. You are the best person to watch for the telltale signs of mold and to eliminate them as soon as possible. Mold and remediation are two things that you should become very familiar with – knowing as much as you can about them will help you keep the environment in your home healthy for everyone.

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