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How to Replace the Thermostat in a 1997 Malibu

    • 1). Remove the thermostat cover from the intake manifold of the Malibu. To do so, remove the two 10 millimeter bolts from the intake and then pull the thermostat cover off the engine. With the thermostat still connected to the radiator hose, lift up on it to drain the radiator fluid back into the radiator.

    • 2). Pull the broken thermostat out of the intake manifold of the Malibu by pulling up on it. The thermostat sits on a lip that is inside of the intake. It pulls out of the intake easily.

    • 3). Replace the thermostat. Place the end marked "top" so it sticks out of the engine. The thermostat is directional which means it will not work properly if placed into the engine with the wrong end up.

    • 4). Pull the old thermostat off the intake manifold and then replace it with a new one. Line the bolt-holes that have been cut into the gasket with the bolt-holes in the intake manifold. This ensures the gasket will seal properly.

    • 5). Place the thermostat cover on top of the thermostat gasket and secure the bolts into place with a 10 millimeter wrench.

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