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How To Build A Relationship Worth Saving

You may have seen and read a huge number of articles on saving relationships and ways to go about patching things up once they have fallen apart. But do you really want to go through all of the effort and emotional upheaval if you are not in a good relationship? If you want a relationship worth saving in the end you will need to start laying the groundwork right from day one.

A relationship worth saving is a solid one that is built on the principles of respect, caring and communication. It is honest and acknowledges that people can and do make mistakes. A solid relationship is one that is formed between adults that are able to dedicate themselves to each other and not play head games. The people in a relationship like this are willing to work things through and not resort to name calling or immature behavior.

If you want to build a relationship worth saving, you need to learn what true commitment means. A sold relationship has no room for infidelity or hurtful behavior. Everyone has inadvertently hurt the one they love at some time in their life, but there is a huge difference between an accident and deliberately hurting them or being cruel. As well, if you do accidentally hurt your partner's feeling, it is important that you acknowledge this and own up to what you have done.

There are a few definite relationship killers that you must avoid at all costs. Major dishonesty and infidelity are without a doubt the worst mistakes you can make. They go beyond simple wounding or inconsiderate behavior. The damage that they can do to a healthy relationship is so long lasting and all encompassing that often they destroy a relationship past the point where it can be repaired.

The problem with infidelity is that it totally destroys the trust that your partner has placed in you. You are risking your partner's mental, emotional and physical health. As well, there is a very good chance that you will be discovered and the dishonesty that surrounds an affair will definitely make the entire situation worse.

If you are just beginning a relationship and you want to make sure that it stays on track and is built on a solid foundation, you must realize that this can take time to develop. You want to make sure that you are being honest with your partner on an ongoing basis and that your partner is able to meet and fall in love with the real you. You don't want to hide how you feel or what you think about things because after a while your partner won't love the real you and when reality hits, the relationship can be doomed.

A good relationship can have a positive impact on all of the areas of your life. It can be a source of strength and joy that can make the hardships of your life tolerable. As well, if you have built a strong relationship worth saving it will have the strength to withstand the external pressures that life puts in your way.

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