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Days of Our Lives Spoilers November 26 to 30

Monday, November 26

Sami and Rafe find a family planning website on Gabi’s computer and fear she’s about to terminate her pregnancy.

Gabi waits for her abortion to begin at the clinic.

Will has seconds thoughts about Gabi’s decision.

Eric tells Hope he thinks Nicole can change.

Nicole apologizes to Jennifer for everything she did to her.

Daniel explains all about the clinical trial Jennifer discovered to help his hand tremors to Maggie.

Maggie confronts Jennifer about pressuring Daniel.

Nicole attempts to make amends with Daniel, but is unable to go through with it.

Daniel thanks Jennifer, admitting he’s ready to give the clinical trial a try.

DVR Alert: Sami and Rafe arrive at the clinic as a teary-eyed Gabi emerges from the back.

Tuesday, November 27

Gabi admits she couldn’t go through with the abortion, much to Rafe’s relief.

Will is about to confess he’s the father of Gabi’s child, when Nick arrives and whisks her off.

Nick confronts Gabi about Chad being her baby’s father.

Chad interrupts Nick and Gabi’s tense moment, and Gabi fears Nick’s about to make a huge mistake.

Kristen is thrilled, when John professes his belief in her redemption.

Marlena learns that Brady shares John’s views regarding Kristen. Kate tracks down Stefano at a European café and confronts him about their divorce.

DVR Alert: Marlena breaks into Kristen’s hotel room looking for evidence against her and is caught red handed by her nemesis.

Wednesday, November 28

Rafe show up at Sami’s office with flowers and is stunned to learn EJ is her new boss.

Sami tells Rafe she can handle EJ, but he has serious doubts.

Will arrives and stops Nick from revealing Gabi’s pregnancy secret to Chad.

After Chad leaves, Will blurts out that he’s the father of Gabi’s child.

EJ encourages Chad to get back at Gabi.

Kristen chastises Marlena for breaking into her room.

Brady interrupts Kristen and Marlena’s spat and convinces Kristen from calling the police.

Kristen phones John, ready to spill all about Marlena. DVR Alert: Nick insists that Will and Gabi can’t tell anyone the truth about the baby; not even Sonny.

Thursday, November 29

Brady is grateful, when Kristen decides not to rat out Marlena.

Kristen and Brady share a moment that affects them both.

Kayla and Roman are surprised when Hope reveals Caroline and Bo have made an early return from the Alzheimer’s clinic.

Caroline breaks down in tears, while reuniting with Eric, making him worry she isn’t as well as she claimed.

Marlena decides not to tell John about her encounter with Kristen.

Nicole can’t keep help but hold out hope for Daniel, when Abigail confirms that he and Jennifer aren’t a couple.

Daniel heads to the specialist, ready to begin injections for his hand tremors.

Realizing how risky the procedure can be, Maggie orders Jennifer to stop Daniel.

DVR Alert: Brady eavesdrops on Kristen’s confession to Father Tobias.

Friday, November 30

Kristen confesses she caught Marlena snooping in her hotel room, but didn’t call the police because “someone amazing” stopped her.

After admitting the feelings she’s having are wrong, Kristen rushes off and Brady follows.

Brady arrives at Kristen’s hotel room, and the twosome lock eyes.

Caroline tells Eric about switching Parker’s paternity test and how she never made proper amends with Daniel.

Daniel has second thoughts about his procedure, until Jennifer arrives and offers her encouragement, and he decides to proceed.

Caroline apologizes to Daniel, and he forgives her.

Daniel receives the diagnostic test from his hand treatment and learns it was a failure.

Sonny questions Will about what’s troubling him, but Will won’t explain, noting he made a promise to Gabi.

DVR Alert:: Nick comes up with a solution to Gabi’s predicament: marry him and tell everyone the baby is his.

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