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How to Make Re-Ment Jewelry

    • 1). Determine the type of jewelry you would like to make. You can make earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, hair jewelry, pins, lockets and ankle bracelets with Re-Ment miniatures. Some types of Re-Ment jewelry are easier to make than others and do not require jewelry-making supplies. For example, Re-Ment miniatures such as coffee cups and baskets already have looped handles, so you simply can loop a thin necklace chain through the handle; within minutes, your jewelry is ready to wear. You can use the same process with thin hoop earrings.

    • 2). Draw a picture of how you would like the finished piece of jewelry to look. Doing so will help you visualize the project and may inspire you to add other elements or make changes. Don't be afraid to experiment with different styles and ideas. By brainstorming and mixing and matching concepts, you can produce a lovely piece of Re-Ment jewelry that matches your sensibilities and style.

    • 3). Purchase the supplies needed to make your Re-Ment jewelry projects. You can glue Re-Ment miniatures directly into a jewelry setting or onto an existing flat piece of jewelry to enhance it. Craft stores typically have a good assortment of jewelry settings and craft glues. If you are unable to find the settings you need locally or are unsatisfied with the variety and styles available, mail-order jewelry-making catalogs may be a better choice. Also consider searching on and for unusual and vintage components to give your Re-Ment jewelry a unique flair. Superglue or an all-purpose craft adhesive such as E6000 is ideal and will ensure a solid bond.

    • 4). Create your Re-Ment jewelry simply by attaching the miniatures to a jewelry setting or an existing flat piece of jewelry with your adhesive. Work on a flat surface so that the miniature doesn't slip away from the setting. Hold the miniature in place for a few minutes with your fingers.

    • 5). Set your new Re-ment jewelry aside to dry for at least a few hours, but preferably overnight. Once the piece has dried, you can wear it.

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