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Wall Mounted Fish Tanks - Are They Right For You?

Have you ever seen the beautiful sight of a wall mounted fish tank? Maybe not in your neck of the woods, but you have probably seen them in the movies or inside some place like the Rainforest Café.
These types of wall tanks are usually longer in length and only about 6 inches thick.
Mounted into a wall or not, they definitely provide a sufficient living environment for any type of tropical or fresh water fish.
Of course a mounted fish tank costs way more than a standard glass tank.
On average they cost about $1,500.
Though they are a but costly, mounted tanks are advantageous in a number of ways.
The best thing about a mounted tank is that they don't take up any extra space in your room.
Better yet, you have literally no risk of knocking the fish tank over.
Now that is a pain! These mounted aquariums are also great for smaller rooms and office type settings because they take up wall space and not floor space.
You have probably seen these types of tanks at the dentist's office at some point in your life.
They are very practical.
And they are extremely popular in public spaces and environments around the cities.
Wall mounted fish tanks can sometimes extend the entire length of a wall and sometimes the make up the entire wall, making it a great fixture to walk around.
They really are visual masterpieces.
Accessing the tank from both sides makes for a very lively, and exciting decoration.
Though mounted fish tanks are great for some reasons, there are also some downsides to owning one.
For example if you have a smaller, maybe run down apartment, you take the risk of shattering your tank if you slam your doors too hard.
You really need to preplan where you want your tank to be hung so that it's in the safest place possible.
You also want to be sure that you have a helper to assist you in installing.
They can be very difficult to mount up no matter how strong you think you are.
Lastly, the biggest disadvantage to owning a wall mounted fish tank is the fact that it is a lot harder to clean.
It can be a very difficult process to even attempt cleaning a tank that is 6 inches away from the wall and higher than 5 feet off the ground.
It is almost impossible, but you can get the hang of it I'm sure.

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