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What to Make With Used Cork Stoppers

    Dolls and Ornaments

    • Glue cork stoppers together to form bodies, heads, and legs (if desired) for tiny dolls and animals. Use large corks for the head and body, smaller ones for limbs. Curly yarn can be glued on for hair, googly eyes and buttons or pins for noses, and clothing can be made from scraps of fabric. Let your imagination be your guide! Such animals as dogs and rabbits can be also be crafted from cork stoppers. Cut corks in half with scissors for ears or tails. Tie a loop of fishing line to the finished cork creation to create ornaments that can be hung from a Christmas tree or a window.

    Stamp Art

    • Stamps can be made from old corks. This requires adult supervision. Draw or glue the design you want on the end of a large cork, then carefully carve away the shape or design. When finished, dip in acrylic paint to stamp, as regular ink will not be well-absorbed by the cork. Experiment with other kinds of stamps as well, by gluing interesting found objects to the end of a cork and dipping in paint or ink to stamp. Try buttons, beads, and other kinds of textured materials, including fabric scraps like burlap or faux fur.

    Memo Board

    • Glue corks, whole or cut in half, to a board or old frame to create a unique memo board. Experiment with interesting designs, or simply glue them in side by side. When dry, attach a picture hanger to the back of the board or frame, and hang on the wall. Use pins or tacks to secure your memos to the cork board.

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