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Business Prospecting - What Does it Have in Common With Muscle?

BodyLife Dynamics is successful because of a model which includes strategies, processes, and being very observant.
 Think of the fitness articles you have read in this ezine.
 I talk a lot about creating a consistent routine of exercise and nutrition.
 I often suggest that you document your routine in a fitness journal.
 I tend to get very detailed in how I want my fitness clients to create their healthy lifestyle.
 Every detail matters.
 Those are the strategies and processes.
 Then I encourage them to observe how their strategies are working.
 Monitor performance so to speak.
  It is the same for business owners and employees.
 Create a strategy, monitor the outcomes and you will be successful in your business and in your career.
 Be very observant of what is working for you and how quickly you are reaching your goals.
 One minute detail that is often overlooked is the act of prospecting for new business.
 An employee may not understand the relevance so let me begin with them in mind.
 Prospecting means seeking out new business and as an employee you have a need to do this.
 Your 'new business' may be internal or external customers but you still need to be seeking them out.
 You need to be getting out there (wherever 'there' may be for you) showing your face and letting perspective customers know what you can do for them.
 It is all about creating relationships, forming networks, and initiating opportunities.
  Business owners need to do the exact same thing if they want their business to grow according to goals.
 If your goal is to decrease body fat and add lean muscle you need to work at it because it doesn't happen by itself.
 One very big pet peeve of mind is to hear business owners say that all of their business comes by way of referral.
 This means trouble (and I know many of you will disagree).
 So let me explain.
  The act of prospecting requires the flexing of various muscles.
 It is a series of skills that must be developed and practiced over time.
 Just like working out in the gym.
 If you rely on only referrals to grow your business you are not flexing those other muscles.
 Eventually they will atrophy.
 You are missing out on a large amount of revenue if all your business comes to you without you lifting a finger.
    For some business owners the lack of prospecting is sheer laziness.
 But for most it is fear.
 They do not know how to do it, they do it wrong, they were taught wrong in the first place, or they simply make it too complicated.
 They have no prospecting muscle to speak of.
 Yet they are very proud that all their business comes via referrals.
 Again, I know some of you will disagree but 100% referrals is nothing to be proud of.
 At some point, those referrals will dry up, the economy will go bad, you will relocate your business, or something else will happen forcing you to have prospecting muscle.
  Even at best if none of that happens you are not taking advantage of all the excess revenue out there if you are not prospecting.
 This is the case for employees and business owners alike.
 So you must change your perspective about how to grow your business or career.
 Prospecting is a strategy.
 So get some help, the same way you would hire a personal trainer to put together a fitness plan.
  The main reason I started physically working out 16 years ago is because I feared that once I reached old age I wouldn't have any help carrying my groceries.
 I'd be forced to do it by myself.
 So I am being proactive by developing muscle.
 So should you when it comes to your prospecting muscle.
 We work with business owners and employees all the time to help them develop.
 If you are someone who needs to develop muscle in your business or career give us a call.
  A combination of referrals and prospecting will help you reach your revenue goals.

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