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Time required as a Permanent Resident in the U.S

In order to obtain naturalization, one would have been a permanent resident for a required time period, apart from meeting certain requirements of continuous residence and physical presence in the U.S.

Required Time (waiting period) as Permanent Resident

One can find basically two different requirements for the waiting period to become allowed to apply for naturalization. If an individual has held a green card for no less than 4 years and nine months, the person can apply for naturalization. If the individual obtained their green card from a petition by their spouse, plus they are still married to that spouse, then the person can apply after a couple of years and nine months.

The Continuous Physical Presence Requirement

Persons which have green cards are aware that they are unable to be absent in the US in excess of six months time without having a re-entry permit. Likewise, in the event the person is outside the US for longer than 12 months, the individual is presumed to have abandoned their green card.

Besides these universal requirements, it comes with an additional requirement of continuous physical presence in the US for naturalization. Under this continuous physical presence requirement, and also as associated with the application process, the applicant must show that he/she have been physically seen in the U.S. for over the rest they have been a permanent resident.

If ever the person gets the five year waiting period requirement (they are able to apply after 4 years and nine months) then they must show at least thirty months of physical presence in the US.

In the event the person has got the three year waiting period requirement (they are able to apply after a couple of years and nine months) certainly they must show at the least eighteen months of physical presence in the United States.

Plus, take into account that in advance of filing your application for naturalization, you need resided continuously in the state where you file your application for three months.

These requirements mentioned above must be met by the candidate to ensure that the application may get approved.

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