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I Want That Blind! But What Is It?

Window coverings is a term that can be used for a wide variety of products, and refers to both window blinds and window shades.
This category also includes draperies and shutters.
The industry has done a pretty good job of keeping product terms descriptive, and being the industry, "they" know what each term exactly refers to.
We, the "people", can pretty much get the idea of what a specific product is, from the name of the product.
But they, the window covering product, are not all as clear as the industry would have you believe.
Cellular blinds are perhaps the most popular of all coverings that fall into the window shade category.
Window shades generally refer to window coverings that are made with fabric, and have a soft look and feel to them.
So the product name, cellular blinds is actually a little confusing.
They should be called cellular shades, not cellular blinds.
A window blind is generally a product with horizontal slats that tilt open and closed, and can be raised or lowered.
So really, a cellular blind is a cellular shade! To add a little twist to the window covering name game, the industry has another name for cellular shades.
Cellular shades are commonly referred to as honeycomb.
Honeycomb or cellular shades.
Two names, one product.
Woven wood falls into this window coverings category, yet the woven wood shade is not exactly a soft fabric material.
They are however woven, which allows this particular window covering to function like a shade.
Woven wood shades are actually a very cool product, and can give a room an entirely new look.
They are made from a variety of natural woods, reeds, and other somewhat exotic materials like bamboo and jute.
Pleated are definitely a shade product.
Pleated shades have been called the poor man's cellular shade, because they are a single layer of fabric that is indeed pleated, and looks very much like a cellular design.
Very often a pleated covering is made from the same honeycomb material.
Roller shades are coverings that roll up.
I think the window industry nailed it on the name, roller shades! Sheer shades are a bit of a hybrid product line.
They are a soft fabric coverings, made with 2 outer layers that sandwich fabric horizontal slats.
Sheer shades are not always sheer.
When the horizontal slats are tilted in the open position, they offer very little privacy, but when the fabric slats are tilted closed, the sheer outer material compresses with the slats, offering excellent privacy.

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