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Apple iPhone 4G - Will the 4th Generation Get it Right?

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past few years, you would know that the Apple iPhone is the smartphone rockstar that has sold millions of units across the globe. Even after 4 years, it still makes heads turn and remains the one "must have" phone everyone wants. Thus, it is no surprise that the public has been eagerly awaiting the launch of the newest phone in the line up - the iPhone 4G (for 4th Generation) that will be launched this summer.

A while back, a major online tech blog revealed pictures and videos of a test iPhone 4G unit that sent the entire blogosphere into a tizzy and made Apple fans across the world drool with anticipation. The test unit, which was quite like the finished product, boasted an all new, edgy exterior (as opposed to the iPhone's traditional rounded curves), a porcelin/plastic back (as against the usual stainless steel one), a much faster and improved operating system, a much more powerful camera, and even a way to do video chatting through a front camera! With the 4G, it seems that Apple has given into the demands of fans everywhere. It also appears that this phone will answer the questions of naysayers around the globe who have resisted the charms of the iPhone by expressing concerns over trivial details.

As with all things Apple, the exact specifications of the phone have been kept tightly under wrap. The only confirmed detail is that the phone will be launched sometime around July 2010, although speculation is rife that the phone may be preponed to June 7, 2010 too. You can expect long lines to form outside Apple stores days before the launch. I would suggest that you preorder your unit online, or just grab a sleeping bag and camp outside your nearest store a couple of days before the launch!

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