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How to Grow Your Own Indoor Garden

Indoor gardening is a fun hobby that has quickly turned into a necessity for many people over the last few years who want to provide more fresh vegetables, fruits and even flowers in their home during the year without having to spend a lot of money.

Indoor Garden Lighting

Grow Light Bulbs – This is what makes growing plants indoors possible. There are many different types of grow light bulbs available on the market today including High Pressure Sodium and Metal Halide. Each bulb serves a separate purpose and is used for encouraging a plant s foliage to grow, flowering to start and then the growth of fruits, vegetables or flowers.

Ballasts – This part of the indoor garden delivers the electrical current to the grow light bulbs. A digital ballast should be used because; they are designed with special circuits that will shut off the lighting system if it begins to overheat.


Containers – Many people choose plastic containers for their indoor gardens because they are cost effective but this isn't always the best choice because, they can wear out quickly under the intense heat of the grow lamps. For best results, choose a clay pot instead because, clay pots last longer and are better insulated than plastic containers.

Space – Many gardeners start their indoor gardens in their home or garage but that's not always possible if you don't have space. The solution to the problem is to buy a grow room. You can purchase a readymade grow room online and have it shipped to your house. Grow rooms are easy to set up ad are made from durable materials to withstand the heat and cold.

Fan – Every indoor garden should have a reliable exhaust fan that will help to keep the room cool and insure that the grow lamps won't begin to overheat after prolonged use.

Fertilizer – Never make the mistake of using organic fertilizer like cow manure because, this will breed bacteria and make your plants an open invitation for pest. Make sure that you use fertilizer like miracle grow because, water based fertilizer dissolves quickly and gives plants the nutrients that they need to thrive and grow.

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