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For those who recently lost some of their teeth due to injuries, you don't have to settle for dentures that could easily come out your mouth and sometimes make you feel uncomfortable because the dentist West Covina CA offers dental implants that will improve your smile without the hassle. It is made of titanium and the dentist West Covina CA secures the implants to your jaw bone where the implants stay permanently unlike dentures. Another advantage that dental implants have over dentures is that it's easier to chew and talk without worrying if the dentures are coming loose.

You're probably wondering if everyone qualifies for implants. This isn't the case and you should meet with your dentist West Covina CA to determine if you're a good candidate for the procedure. If you have a child and you want him to get implants, you should have him wait until his teenage years because generally dentists don't give children dental implants as their teeth are still developing. Those who are habitual smokers may not qualify for implants because of the damage that is done to the gums due to years of smoking.

It can be expensive so if you need dental implants right away, you can search online for affordable dental plans in West Covina then compare the services and quotes you see from the insurance providers. If you want implants for cosmetic purposes rather than because you're missing teeth, you can save part of your income each week so that you'll have enough money to save on the implants.

Here is how the procedure works for getting the dental implants. First the dentist will look on the inside of the mouth to check for any dental infections and none exist, the dentist will begin the first phase of the procedure. During this phase he places an incision in your gums and he drills the implant in your jawbone. After a few weeks you return to the dentist for the second stage where he places a crown over the implant.

If you live in West Covina and you need high quality implants, you can visit Dr. Lilian S. Ong DDS. She offers implants that will give your teeth a better and more confident look. She and her staff will discuss the benefits of dental implants with you and take you through the process. Dr. Lilian S. Ong DDS has the experience and training to improve your appearance.

Here are some ways you can learn more about dental implants before you visit the dentist. You can read free dental brochures from clinics or read online blogs from credible dentistry experts on the subject. If you know someone who received implants, ask them about the benefits of the procedure. Another idea is to watch YouTube videos from local dentists on dental implants.

In conclusion, dental implants are better and more permanent than dentures, and you don't have to deal with temporary ways of replacing missing teeth.

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