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Tally 9 Software Benefits for Small Business Owners

Today with the growth of the business and transcends state and international borders there is a need of business accounting software which simplifies our growth and also keeps pace with our complex business demand. You must choose software which offer greater speed, power and reliability. It must also have the feature to adapt quickly to your business. To meet all these features and also for the smooth growth of business Tally 9 was engineered effectively. Tally 9 ensures and promises the blazing speed, power, scalability and also world class reliability.

Tally 9 has been designed with dynamic features and MIS capabilities which is very helpful and also simplifies our business operations. It gives you complete control over your accounting, inventory and statutory processes. You can also transact your business without geographical boundaries and language barriers with the help of multi-lingual and data synchronization capabilities. It is a complete business solution.

Some benefits which are associated with the software Tally 9 -

1. With the help of Tally all paper works has been saved and the cost of the paper work has come to zero. Before the introduction of Tally sometimes the cost of paper work was even more than the benefits in small business type of organization.

2. Tally software is having the feature to keep records of unlimited company. But manually it was impossible that a single accountant can maintain the records of 20 companies. Now with the help of Tally transactions of billions rupees and more than 20 companies has become possible and thus it benefitted the small business owners.

3. Tally has taken the responsibilities of different types of tax calculations like VAT, FBT, Service tax, TDS, Excise Mod VAT, Custom duty etc. Now all the business organization is doing their work with the help of Tally 9.

4. It also prepares some reports which are exceptional and which are not possible to make manually like memorandum vouchers, overdue payables, negative ledger etc.

5. This software is also used to track accounting of foreign business.

6. One of the best features of tally is that by filtering rang option we can see the report. For knowing about rang and filtering you have to know the use of excel.

7. With the help of Tally the data can be synchronized over multiple locations. It is a very simple and cost effective process. It requires very less time to apply. With the help of this feature you can easily share or collaborate the accounting information of more than one branch.

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