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Types of White Marble Tile From Italy

    • Marble tile is an exquisite addition to any decor.Marmor Floor image by Sundaysdinner from Fotolia.com

      The brilliant sheen of Italian white marble is unmistakable. Decorators often incorporate tiles of this alabaster-toned material somewhere in their design. Whether on a floor, counter top or structural pillar, there is no denying the classic, regal effect certain types of marble have on the naked eye. If you are considering adding Italian white marble tiles to your decor, be aware that the different types and colorings of these marbles will produce different looks in your home.

    Bianco (White) Carrara Italian Marble Tile

    • The more common type of white Italian marble is called Bianco Carrara, or White Carrara marble. This marble has the classic look found in many Italian films, photos, works of art and homes. The tiles cut from this marble are often used for table tops, counter tops, fireplaces and floors, due to its shatter resistant nature. There are also variations along a spectrum of white within this category of Italian white marble. White Carrara CD Venato has more veins and is darker than White Carrara C. This marble tile is excellent for the kitchen or entryways of your home and the veins often help hide dirt.

    Statuario Italian Marble Tile

    • Statuario white Italian marble is more translucent and a warmer tone of white than Carrara marble. This type of marble is used more in artwork, such as in the creation of statues. Statuario marble tiles, when honed and polished, is excellent for use in bathtubs, showers and back splashes. If you want your marble to create a patterned look, with a bright sheen, select one of these more veined, polished Italian marbles for your bathroom or kitchen.

    Arabescato and Calacatta Italian Marble

    • Arabescato and Calacatta are Italian marbles that contain some of the greatest number of veins, giving them a one of a kind mosaic or antique look. However, these two marbles are still considered to be part of the white Italian marble family. Some of these marbles can take on a more gray or cream tone depending on the amount and type of veins they have. These marble tiles look best in areas where you want to bring more color and texture to your home. An outdoor walkway or patio, dining area, or living area would be well suited for this Italian marble.

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