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How to Install a Trailer Hitch on a 2006 Chevy HHR

    • 1). Slide under the rear of the car. Spray penetrating fluid on the rubber isolators from which the rear tailpipe and muffler hang. Place one hand under the muffler. Slide the isolators off the metal brackets attached to the car's undercarriage with a pair of exhaust-hanger removal pliers -- available at any auto parts store. Slowly lower the muffler so that it and the attached tailpipe move out of the way for hitch installation.

    • 2). Find the rearmost hole on the underside of the passenger-side rear frame rail. Enlarge the hole using a 1/2 inch drill bit installed into a power drill.

    • 3). Observe the access slot in the underside of the passenger frame rail just forward of the rearmost hole in the rail. Insert the narrow end of a fish wire -- included with the hitch installation hardware -- through the access slot. Feed the wire through the inside of the frame rail so that it comes out of the rearward hole.

    • 4). Insert a bolt block approximately halfway up the length of the fish wire. Kink the wire to keep the bolt block in place. Twist the threads of a hitch-mounting bolt onto the coiled end of the fish wire hanging from the access slot in the frame.

    • 5). Pull the narrow end of the fish wire until the bolt threads are protruding through the rearmost hole in the frame and the bolt block is sitting flush on the inside of the frame rail.

    • 6). Repeat the fish wire process to install a bolt block and bolt into the forward-most slot in the passenger-side frame rail. Ensure the bolt black spans each side of the slot. Install bolt blocks and bolts in the driver's side frame rail in the same fashion. Note that no further drilling is required.

    • 7). Have a helper hold the muffler down and away from the rear frame rails. Raise the hitch and slide in on top of the muffler and into position on the underside of the car. Line up the holes in the hitch mounting flanges with the bolt threads. Raise the hitch slowly, being careful not to push the bolts inside of the frame rails. Have the helper release the muffler.

    • 8). Place lock washers over the bolts on the underside of the hitch. Thread nuts onto the bolts finger-tight. Slide the hitch towards the passenger side of the car until it comes up against the sheet metal trunk pan. Tighten the bots with a socket and torque wrench to the tightness indicated by the hitch manufacturer -- usually about 75 foot-pounds.

    • 9). Raise the muffler into place and slide the rubber isolators onto the metal brackets. Work each isolator over the lip in the bracket so that it does not slide off.

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