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4 Tips For Tackling Sleep Deprivation - How to Get Some Sleep Tonight

I am going to share with you 4 useful tips on how to get some sleep tonight and work on how to getting rid of sleep deprivation.
1 - NO SODA or CAFFEINE BEFORE BED - Make it a rule of thumb no caffeine or soda, 2 hours before bed time.
If you did not know already, caffeine is a stimulate.
Drinking those kind of drinks so close to bed time makes' it very difficult to sleep.
If you want something hot and soothing, try some chamomile tea or you could have a glass of warm milk.
2 - KEEP YOUR BED YOUR BED - Your bed is a place for rest, yes the occasional sex is OK.
But you want to make sure you are not using your bed area, as a desk.
Make sure to keep work, reading, anything that is going to keep your mind going and alter, away from your bed.
You want your mind to atomically associated sleep when it sees the bed.
3 - MAKE A SET TIME FOR SLEEP - Did you know your body likes to have a set time for sleep? So decide a set time, each night that you are going to go to sleep and stick to it.
But make it something reasonable for yourself and your regular routine at night.
4 - BINAURAL BEATS FOR SLEEP - The recording of binaural beats will assist the mind to fall asleep faster.
This is not a subliminal recording, it's relaxing music at time with beats that deal with the different brain wave patterns and frequencies.
It will also achieve a deep sleep, because it will lower your brain frequencies.
(Alpha, Theta, and Delta)

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