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Healthy Weight Loss Review - Do You Know The Facts On Fast And Healthy Weight Loss?

In today's "microwave society" people want their weight loss to be as quick as possible.
It may have taken you years to put on the weight but you certainly don't want to take equal time to take the weight off.
Once you make that diet commitment, how fast you lose weight will depend on a some different factors.
Your quest for losing weight healthy should come before your desire to take it off quickly.
Let's take a look at some healthy weight loss facts: 1.
Healthy Weight Loss - Are You Getting Enough Calories?
The average person needs a certain number of calories to keep their brain and body functioning.
The general diet guidelines are to shoot for 1200 calories for women and 1500 calories for men for healthy weight loss.
Anything below that and you will be sabotaging yourself.
How much weight loss will that give you? If you are only a little overweight and as a man and are used to having 1700 calories per day then you will only have a deficit of 200 calories per day.
With that, you can only expect to lose about 1 pound a week.
However,if you are severely overweight and your body is used to eating 3000+ calories in a day you will see your weight melt off fairly rapidly at first.
If you add in exercise you can get even better results.
Healthy Weight Loss - Are You Eating The Right Type Of Foods?
We have discussed that you need to regulate your calories to lose weight but are all calories created equal? Some diet experts will say that a calorie is a calorie so as long as you are getting the prescribed amount you will lose weight.
That is true to some degree but just because you are losing weight doesn't mean that you are getting healthier.
Our body, including various organs and our brain, require certain nutritional components to work at optimum function.
You need a balanced diet of carbs, protein and fat to give you all the vitamins and minerals your body needs to be healthy.
If you are sluggish because you have chosen the wrong foods to eat you will not have the energy to be as active and you will not see the healthy weight loss you could if you had better nutrition.
Healthy Weight Loss - Is Alcohol an Option?
The answer to this question would depend on how fast you want to lose weight and how healthy you want to be while losing that weight.
Let's first look at calories.
Drinks containing alcohol have a wide variety of calorie counts.
You can get a beer that has 55 calories or you can get a Long Island Iced Tea that has 780 calories.
The reality about calories and healthy weight loss tells you that if you drink the latter you wont be able to eat much of anything throughout the day and still lose weight.
That would only give you a few hundred calories to get in the carbs and protein you need to survive.
So, the better option if you don't want to give up alcohol, is to choose something with fewer calories that fits into you calorie reduction.
Just know that it takes your liver to process the alcohol.
It also takes your liver to burn fat.
If your liver is busy with eating the alcohol it can't work on your bulge.
In closing, your commitment to losing weight will certainly go smoother if you choose to do it responsibly.
You must find the balance between fast and healthy that will lead to successful healthy weight loss results for you.
Your success is determined by how much commitment you have to transforming your body.
This isn't always an easy mental task so I suggest that if you aren't comfortable doing it alone you find a good support system to encourage and motivate you along the way so you have successful healthy weight loss.

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