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Slim in 6 Wisdom From Debbie Siebers

Debbie Siebers' Slim in 6 has sold hundreds of thousands of copies, and Debbie herself has become a fitness training sensation, appearing on numerous TV shows, being consulted for advice and how-to tips by everybody. Her program continues to sell like hot cakes, and with all this success, it's clear she's figured out some of the basics when it comes to losing weight and getting in shape. But as everybody knows, sticking to even the best plans can be hard, so what wisdom does Debbie have for those who are trying to do exactly that? Read on, and learn some new tricks from the best of the best!

So let's see what we're trying to accomplish here. If you're coming to Slim in 6, we can assume you've got some goals. You want to slim down, you want to grow lean and long, toned and taut. You want to be in great shape, but not bulked up. You want to look like a million dollars in a slender cocktail dress, but want to avoid the heroin-chic look. You want to be healthy, vibrant, energetic, athletic and fabulous. Well, in that case, let's see what we can do to keep you on track.

A good piece of advice is one that's going to make you groan. Work out in the morning first thing. Your body will have been fasting all night, and by hitting the workout before you get anything into your system except for a glass of water you'll put that fasting into overdrive. Most people hate working out so early, but it's fantastic if you want to shed those pounds. Just make sure you eat well right after, and had a solid dinner the night before, because a lack of glycogen in your system (energy in your muscles) could make you 'bonk', or crash.

Start slow. Don't assume that because you've started a fitness program you're going to rock it out the first day. If you go crazy and try to be all over the top right from the beginning, the odds of your burning out or hurting yourself are high. Think of it as a tub of hot bath water. Do you jump right in, or ease in slowly, letting your body acclimate itself to the heat? The answer here should be obvious, and applies to working out. Remember-this isn't a six week journey that then ends. This is just the beginning of a new life style, so in a sense, there's no rush. Take your time, do it right, be wise and sensible, and you'll excel. Rush it, burn out, and you'll be back on the couch in 3 weeks.

Which means, if you get sore after a workout be mindful of your body. Be sure to be able to tell the difference between a healthy soreness of your muscles, and pain. In the beginning you'll definitely be sore, but that soreness should feel luxurious, making you enjoy stretching out your quads and calves, rotating your arms, twisting your spine from side to side. You should be able to tell you worked out, and not actually feel any sharp pains, or deep aches. If you do, if you feel something that makes you wince, or hiss, or feel a little worried, go easy on yourself. Take hot showers, stretch carefully, and rest. Again, this is not a race. If anything, it's a marathon, not a sprint, so go easy. Make sure you're comfortable and challenged, not in pain and burning out. Listen to your body, first and always!

Finally, and this is the hardest to convince ladies to believe, add weight resistance to your workouts. You will not immediately turn into Arnold Schwarzenegger, all veiny and ripped. Instead, you will begin to build lean muscle, convert fat faster, feel better, stronger, leaner, tougher, better. Remember, guys have to hit the gym and bench press hundreds of pounds to bulk up. Adding a ten pound free weight to your workout? Will not make you bulk up, but it WILL give you incredible benefits. Nothing burns fat faster than muscle, and this happens even when you're not working out. And think about it: what are you going tone, if you don't have some muscle in there? Nothing! So pick up that free weight, and prepare to look absolutely gorgeous.

Follow these tips, and follow Slim in 6 assiduously, and you'll be well on your way to looking fantastic. Trust in Debbie Siebers-so many hundreds of thousands already have, and now look fantastic!

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