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How to Choose Abstract Art

Art is one of those really personal things.
We all choose art with a particular room or space in mind - we know what we want, we know what will go.
However, it is not always that easy and there are a few simple rules that will ensure that you choose the right piece of abstract art.
Abstract art is very popular.
And there is a good reason for this popularity.
Abstract pictures go very well in most situations.
There are no connections or concrete images - the art is expressive and suggestive and adds drama to any situation in which it is placed.
When choosing the perfect piece of art for your home or office - consider these simple steps to make sure you choose the perfect piece: 1) The Room/The Space - Choosing the right place for your art is very important.
Making sure the canvas is centered on the wall and captures the vision of anyone entering the room will ensure that you make the most of your new acquisition.
2) The wall - make sure you assess the color of the wall on which you plan to hang the painting.
Dark colours will usually require pictures with a lighter color whereas walls that are painted in white or creme can support darker paintings.
3) The style - Abstract art can come in a wide variety of different colors and styles.
Make sure you choose one that complements your room or office perfectly.
If your room is quite minimalist then you can probably choose a painting that has more action to it whereas if the room is quite busy then you might want a simple design.
4) Size - Finally, make sure you choose the right size canvas for the space you have.
A painting that is too big will overtly dominate the room which is not necessarily what you want.
On the other hand, you will want to ensure that the canvas is not so small that it gets lost in the room.
So there you have it.
These are mostly simple suggestions but are still important to bear in mind.
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