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Tiger Woods" Knee Injury and His Return to the Game

Tiger Woods, as we commonly know Eldrick Tont Woods as, is undisputedly America's best golfer and has proven himself as the world's best at several dozens of occasions.
Tiger Woods has hundreds of golf championship victories credited to him which include fourteen professional major golf championships and sixty five PGA tour events.
Woods' total number of professional major golf championships is second highest in the history of golf while the number of PGA events stand at all time third highest.
In fact, Tiger Woods is the most successful golf player that the history has ever seen.
Recently, Tiger Woods had an unfortunate injury of the left knee and, hence, had to miss the Ryder Cup, two major championships and partially the 2008 PGA tour.
For golf lovers especially Tiger Woods' fans across the world, it was nothing less than blues.
But, fortunately, for the world golf community, Tiger Woods will be back in action starting from the US Open Golf Championship to be held at Bethpage Black, Farmingdale, New York from June 15 to 21 this year.
In the anticipation of seeing "renewed Tiger Woods", the tickets for the US Open Golf 2009 are getting sold quickly.
For hundreds of thousands of Tiger Woods' fans all across the globe, there will be no better occasion than seeing him play at the US Open Golf Championship.
Tiger Woods is expected to return with renewed vigor and a little more than before determination to win especially after having missed important games like the Ryder Cup and two major golf championships.
Starting fresh with practice sessions might be difficult for Tiger Woods recovering from his knee injury; but, nevertheless, he is back at the greens practicing his swings and driving balls hundreds of yards, guiding them over greenways, fairways, bunkers and water hazards with pin point accuracy to the destination - the hole.
The championship game at Bethpage Black has everything to offer to a golf lover, the game, the players and most importantly, everyone's favorite Tiger Woods.
The championship game, this time, is something that no golf lover can afford to miss.
Get your US Open Golf Championship tickets soon before they run out.
Watch Tiger Woods in the practice session on June 15, 16 and 17 at the venue and enjoy his game on the next four weeks of the championship week.
Every shot of Woods' is a legend in itself that one can not only see but also live.
Tiger, we wants lots of eagles this time!

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