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The Various Applications of Scrubbers

Scrubbers are designed to handle both small and large surface areas.
What makes these floor cleaning machines so unique is the fact that they have high speed motors and are outfitted with brushes that are manufactured to clean multiple floor types.
And they are so powerful that they have the capability of cleaning the floor in one pass.
As for the surfaces that scrubbers are effective on, they include wood, concrete, linoleum, tile, and even carpet.
In the case of carpet, the agitator brushes are able to remove dirt in both directions of the carpet fibre to then collect it so that it can be disposed of in a central waste tank.
A solution can be applied that is dispensed evenly along the agitator brushes for even more effective cleaning.
The following is a list of the different applications in which these machines can be used: - Scrubbers are very effective on high traffic areas, so the machines are ideal for small and medium department stores and supermarkets.
There are some walk- behind machines that can handle the small stores, enabling floors to be walked on within minutes after being cleaned in busy environments.
Ride-on machines are available for those larger stores.
- Healthcare facilities must be kept clean, as do veterinary offices, fitness centres, and community buildings.
Any facility dealing with the well-being of those that walk through its doors needs to be a sanitary one.
Since these facilities have a great deal of floor space, a ride-on scrubber may be more efficient to ensure the job is done as quickly as possible and with as little manpower as possible.
- Schools and office buildings also have a lot of flooring that needs to be cleaned.
These buildings may have multiple surface types, such as concrete, wood flooring, linoleum, and carpet.
Scrubbers can handle all of these surface types in a single cleaning session, eliminating the need for multiple machines.
- Industrial areas that include warehouses and factories need to have flooring that is cleaned in order to keep it in great shape.
Again, these areas may be large and warrant a larger machine, but the degree of cleanliness and the amount of time to complete the task makes it a cost-effective solution.
- The machines can also be used in any areas with surfaces made of vinyl, safety flooring, ceramic tile, and profiled rubber.
This means that wrestling rooms and weight lifting rooms can benefit as well.
Overall, scrubbers are multi-surface machines that are so versatile they can effectively clean any floor surface.
Because of the high-speed motor and the agitator brushes, floors are able to be cleaned deep down and a deep clean means being able to remove some of the most problematic substances from the floor.
It doesn't matter if the substance is on a warehouse floor, a factory floor, or in the art room of the local school, clean flooring makes for a clean appearance.

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