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Do You Suffer From Chronic Insomnia?

Are you struggling to get a full night's sleep? Is your mind working overtime every time your head hits the pillow? Do you find yourself waking up feeling like a zombie? What can you do when you have chronic insomnia? There are several remedies that can make a difference to your sleeping problems.
First of all, see your doctor to find out whether or not there are any physical reasons for your inability to sleep.
Check out the medications you use, to see if any of them have insomnia as a side effect.
Once you have implemented any recommendations from your doctor, you can start to add the following activities to your night time routine.
Taking a warm bath before you go to bed can help prepare you for a full night's sleep.
Light some lightly scented candles (lavender is a big favorite) and play some soothing music in your bath area.
In the old days there was a commercial for bath salts in which a woman was soaking in her tub saying, "Calgon, take me away.
" That's how a bath should feel, like your mind and body is on the most relaxing vacation it has ever taken.
Don't fall asleep in the tub though.
After you've taken your bath, you might still need some help.
Try making some warm milk and drinking it before you go to bed.
It really does work and it's not just an old wives tale.
The chemical makeup of milk changes when it is warmed up.
It has the same properties that turkey has on Thanksgiving as it relaxes your body.
Sprinkling a little nutmeg on the warmed milk really makes it a treat.
Meditation is a good idea for solving chronic insomnia.
Lie down in a darkened room, no night lights or TV in the room.
Close your eyes and concentrate on seeing your favorite color.
It's amazing how the mind can see color when your eyes are closed.
After you manage to see your color, make sure the mind is free of all thoughts.
Your mind may you fight you on this and before you know it you may find yourself thinking of today's events.
If this happens, refocus on your color without getting upset about it.
Concentrate only on your color and nothing else.
The trick to this is not fighting the thoughts to take over, but to let them pass through your mind without taking hold of them.
It may take more than one session to accomplish this.
Practice this each night, and before you know it you'll be in control of your mind instead of the other way around.
Some people wake up in the middle of the night and can't go back to sleep.
This is a different type of chronic insomnia.
When this happens, don't get anxious, but instead go back to your color.
It is quite normal to rouse during the night and will only be a problem if are unable to go back to sleep.
If you find you are struggling to get back to sleep, getting up, going to the toilet, and having some warm milk or a cup of herbal tea, and maybe a light read, in a dimly lit room can help you to calm down and go back to sleep again.
Your body and mind need time to adjust from being awake to preparing to fall asleep.
If you do not prepare before you go to bed, your body will need time at bedtime to prepare itself for sleep.
The problem starts as you start to get stressed about not being able to sleep, and the vicious cycle begins.

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