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The Proper Display of the United States Flag

    When to Display

    • The U.S. flag is normally displayed from sunrise to sunset. If a business or individual wishes to display it 24 hours a day, then a light shining on it during night hours is required. During bad weather, the flag should be taken down, unless it is a flat used for display and designed to withstand weather.

    Proper Placement

    • When positioning the American flag, it should have the highest and centered position if grouped with other flags. If it is hung in the same place with flags of other nations, it should be at the same height and size as the other flags.

    Other Considerations

    • When the American flag is displayed on a wall, with its staff crossed over another, the U.S. flag staff should be on top and it should be on the right side. If it is shown near a speaker's platform, it must be placed above and behind the speaker.

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