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NFL Week 1 Handicapping Picks-Results-Roundup

Well Week 1 in the NFL is in the books and so is our 8-6-2 ATS record which gets us away from the toughest handicapping week of the season with a winning record.
Week 1 betting lines are historically wacky and tough to gauge due to the fact its only the first week and we really don't have a strong gauge about how good or bad a team is.
So with that knowledge as a backdrop, our professional handicappers went to work using our time-tested winning game trends and strategies that enable us to have nearly a 60 percent winning mark after 10 years in service.
Week 1 is very important in that it will serve as a good barometer going into Week 2.
Week 1 games are typically tough to call but we felt confident in out selections.
All in all it was a good week of which we aim to build on.
The two pushes were particularly frustrating in that we picked the winning team(49ers, Redskins) and with a half a point less on each game, we would have gone 10-6 for the week.
But enough with the quibbling.
Here is the complete roundup of our selections.
Looking to continue with the winning ways for Week 2.
Colts(-6) Won 2.
5) WON 3.
Rams(pick) LOST 4.
Redskins(-3) TIE but Redskins won 5.
Raiders(-1) LOST 6.
Vikings(-3) WON 7.
5) LOST 8.
Texans(-3) WON 9.
5) WON 10.
5) LOST 11.
Seahawks(-6) WON 12.
Bills(+3) WON 13.
Bengals(-3) WON 14.
49ers(-3) TIE but 49ers won 15.
5) LOST 16.
Eagles(-3) LOST

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