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Get Strip Brushes That Match Your Requirements

Strip brush manufactured by Ambika Enterprises includes not only metal base but also Plastic & Flexible Plastic base strip Brush, Strip brush is available in different variable fill material like Nylon Bristel, PolyPropelene Bristel etc. We at Ambika Enterprises is serving our valuable customer by providing Variety of Strip Brushes. We belive in continuos upgradation in technology & improvisation of our Products. We believe in complete customer satisfaction by providing Strip Brush exactly same as they required to perform its functional requirement.

Strip Brush is also known as Seal Brush, Channel Brush. Its major Application is to seal a required area with its dense Bristel. Strip Brush is fixed in that area where a permanent closing option is not required. Some of its major applications are cable Basket, Open area at the bottom of Doors, Seal the furnaces, Covering Of Grinding Wheels, Seal of Paint Conveyers etc. Metal base Strip Brush is basically A continuous U channel filled with Brsitel at an desired height. U shape channel is filled with required bristel to create a Wiper. This Bristel wiper is manufactured at different bristel height to cover the required Area. The Sizes of U channel available at Ambika Enterprises are 3.5,5.5,8.5,10.5mm . The Size of U channel means the Width of U channel. We can also manufacture any custom size channel Brush as per special requirement of client. Similarly we can also customized the length of Strip Brush as per Client requirement.

Strip Brush can be manufactured from Softest to hardest Bristel. These Bristrl can be of Nylon ,Poly Proplelene, Pig Hair, Coco Fibre MexicoFibre, Palmira Fibre, Animal Hair (Govt Of India had Banned Hair of Some Endangerous Species of Animal. These are not Used in Strip Brush manufactured By Ambika Enterprises). Getting Strip brush from AMBIKA ENTERPRISES also saves time. Its Just So Easy Like Pickup the phone Or Write to us and we will take care rest of all your requirement of Strip Brush. We at AMBIKA ENTERPRISES also entertain small quantity Requirements It removes the necessity of keeping Stock of Strip brushes. The standard length available for each type of Strip Brush is 500 mm/ 1000mm.

Strip Brushes with Fixed type Plastic Base & flexible type plastic base are also manufactured by Ambika Enterprises. As metal channel Brush is not as much flexible. We at AMBIKA ENTERPRISES also manufacture Strip Bbrush with flexible Base, these Flexible Base can be of Rubber, Hard Rubber, Poly Urethane etc. These Base are filled by making number of close pitch holes and than these holes are filled with semi automatic & automatic staple set machines. These are also manufactured with more density as functional requirement is same i.e to seal the area. We at Ambika Enterprises always believes in inverting Innovative Ideas to reality. We warmly welcome Young & Innovative Ideas to develop any New type of required Strip Brush. So there is a stop end for all your requirement of Strip Brush i.e AMBIKA ENTERPRISES

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