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Feeling Empty? Here"s What To Do About It

We often associate emptiness with a lack of something: no partner, no love, no friendships, no family, unhealthy relationships, unsatisfying careers.
We see it as a void with negative connotations.
What if it was something else? Remember when you were a child and someone gave you a gift.
You started to unwrap that gift and discovered there were many layers to go through.
They had wrapped the present numerous times and once you got through all that paper, you open the box and there was nothing inside.
It was empty.
For a child, this can be a silly or cruel joke.
For an adult, you can look at that analogy and consider it in a few different ways.
You can look at the box as empty, with nothing inside.
You weren't given anything and therefore the box is useless.
You can look at the box as empty and you can fill it with anger because you didn't get anything.
You should have got something but you didn't so you fill the box with disappointment.
You can fill it with bitterness, hurt or pain.
You can fill it with drugs, sex, alcohol, porn, food, shopping, anger, yelling, or insults.
You can fill that box with a bunch of negativity and carry it with you as a constant reminder of the emptiness you feel.
Or, you can see that empty box as an opportunity.
It is an opportunity to make another choice.
A healthier choice.
You can fill that box with positive experiences and choices.
You can choose to fill it with exercise, healthy eating, authentic relationships, and the values that are important to you like loyalty, honesty and consideration.
You can fill it with love for yourself, and honoring your instinct.
You can fill it with laughter, dancing, walking in nature, those precious moments when you can draw with your kids, or play with your dog.
That box doesn't have to be empty and that box doesn't have to be heavy either.
It can be full of really good stuff, the things that inspire you, lift you and create a joyful life.
That box can contain so much color and energy that you will never feel empty again.
But it's up to you.
If you feel empty, what are you going to fill yourself with? The choice is yours.

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