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Job Description for an Administrative Assisstant

    Administrative Support Duties

    Clerical Duties

    • Some administrative assistants use dictation equipment to perform clerical duties.ready to answer image by starush from

      Administrative assistants use computers, phone systems, copiers, fax machines, and dictation equipment to perform clerical duties. They maintain files, store and retrieve information, use computer software and distribute information to employees and clients. They answer phones, take messages and send correspondence by phone or e-mail. They open and distribute mail, deal with vendors, meet with the public and greet customers and guests. They take inventory, order supplies and keep accounting records. They pay bills and take and transcribe dictation.

    Specialized Administrative Assistant Duties

    • Administrative assistants in legal offices perform specialized job judgment image by Keith Frith from

      Because each business is different, administrative assistant job duties vary according to the industry they work in. Administrative assistants in the medical field may assist with reports, speeches and articles. Those who assist with transcription and billing must know medical terminology, insurance regulations, billing and coding procedures and hospital and lab procedures. Administrative assistants in the legal field may prepare briefs, summonses, subpoenas, responses, and motions. They need to be familiar with legal terminology, contracts, legal research and reviewing legal journals, Educational administrative assistants must be familiar with education laws to handle job duties such as keeping immunization and academic records, bus schedules and student registration. Each business requires a certain set of specialized job duties geared to its industry.


    • Many administrative assistants have a high school diploma and basic office skills, but changing technology provides a need for more education and training. One- or two-year office administration programs are available in technical institutes and community colleges. College degrees in business are often recommended. Certification such as CAP (certified administrative professional) is provided by organizations including the International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP) and the International Virtual Assistants Association (IVAA).

    Salary Information

    • Most administrative assistants work 40 hours per week. Average annual wages in May 2009 for full time administrative assistants were $41,650. Annual pay ranges from $27,780 or less to $64,330 or more depending on industry, location, business size, experience and job duties.

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