How to Send a Birthday Card In the Mail
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How to Send a Birthday Card In the Mail

    • 1). Choose your card! Find exactly the right one to suit the birthday gal, whether that's by matching her wit, her hobbies or perhaps her favorite animal. Browse online shops or explore the greeting card shops in your town. Alternatively you could make your own birthday greeting with some card, paints or photographs, to make it extra special and personal.

      Dress the card up a little if you have creative skills, by writing her name on the front in suitable lettering, or attach a button badge of her age or a funny quip. Make the card as extravagant as you like, and put in as much fun as you want to.

    • 2). Check that the address you have for a birthday boy is up to date, and that you have the postcode. The United States Postal Service (USPS) recommends printing the address clearly and adding the ZIP code, to ensure that the mail reaches its destination as fast as the paid postage permits.

      Use capital letters for the address so that it can be read easily, and affix a postage stamp for the correct amount to the top right hand corner of the envelope. Use a damp cloth to moisten the adhesive along the inside of the envelope flap, and press down to seal the envelope.

    • 3). Affix an air mail sticker for mail going overseas, and check that you have the correct postage by selecting the item against the USPS international postage price calculator. Check the USPS for details of restrictions for deliveries to military personnel overseas. Attach an air mail sticker to highlight an international mailing item.

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