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My Husband Is Having an Affair - Should I Get a Divorce or Try to Save My Marriage?

If you a reading this article because your husband is having an affair, you are not alone.
About 50% of marriages in the United States end up in divorce and 65% to 76% of the second marriages end up in divorce.
In addition to the great pain of divorce, there are other negative consequences to their financial stability, mental and physical health, job productivity and self-esteem.
Children of divorced parents usually have academic problems, emotional issues and relationship problems.
If you get a divorce and start a new relationship with someone else, you will most likely be in the same painful situation again.
Besides the pain, there is a lot of losses when you get a divorce, for example:
  1. You will lose a lot of time with your kids.
  2. If you don't try to save your marriage, you will lose self-respect.
  3. You will spend a lot of money though the process for getting a divorce.
  4. You lose 50% of what you own.
  5. You will lose many friends and the appreciation of some family members.
  6. You will be affected emotionally losing your personal confidence and sense of security, for example.
  7. You will lose the joy of your good memories.
If you have children they will lose a lot too! Depending on their age and emotion connection with you and your husband they may experience great pain.
One of the reasons children suffer with a divorce is because they think they are the reason why their parents are getting a divorce.
They also feel bad about it because they know they can't do anything to help.
  If your husband is having an affair and you want to learn how to end an affair and save your marriage, I want to give you valuable information you can start using immediately, but...
Consider these thoughts first:
  1. Many relationships that survive infidelity will be stronger than ever.
  2. The better you understand what's going on, the better able you'll be what to do about it.
  3. Ask why but only with the intent to gather information that will help you to fix your relationship.
  4. Don't expect to find one simple reason for the question - why my husband is having an affair? Instead, focus on the solution for the problem not the problem!
  5. Stop blaming yourself or your husband.
    It won't take you anywhere.
  6. Try to handle the information one at a time, so you don't get overwhelmed.

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