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What Is the Correct Way to Chop Down a Tree?

    • 1). Examine the tree and determine the direction you want the tree to fall. For trees that are leaning, you should allow them to fall in the direction of the lean. Remove any items or obstacles in the direction of fall.

    • 2). Cut into the trunk of the tree. Allow the cut to penetrate one-third of the way into the trunk on the side facing the direction you want the tree to fall.

    • 3). Make another cut above the first cut downward at a 60-degree angle. This cut should intersect the first cut. Remove the wedge of wood that comes loose.

    • 4). Slice into the opposite side of the trunk 1 to 2 inches above the first cut you made. Make this cut with your blade parallel to the ground. The cut should extend in toward the first cut and not all the way through the trunk. You are making a "hinge" that will guide the tree as it topples and prevent the trunk from kicking back.

    • 5). Turn off your chainsaw and retreat from the tree as it begins to topple. Don't stop to look until you hear it hit the ground.

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