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A Cultural Entity Defined and the Entrainment of the Atmosphere.

A cultural entity is a powerful energetic source that causes an entrainment of the atmosphere.
Cultures around the world experience enslavement caused from an influential powerful energetic source.
Cultures are formed and molded throughout generations creating energetic-fields of consciousness; the configuration of a culture occurs in the spirit world.
The lower entities of the spirit world extract needed energy from negative rules and regulations that produce negative behavioral attitudes.
A predominant focus of the molding process is religious idolatrous worship that causes cultural enslavement.
Strong attachments keep people bonded to the cultural entity that creates a positionality of nationalism, ethnic strife, and religious division.
Each culture appends emotional baggage onto each individual that formulates the inner core.
The majorities are subjected to automatic behaviors based on cultural dogma according to the directives of the culture.
Henceforth, spiritual judgment upon an individual is irrelevant because of the dominating cultural entity, except for willful behaviors that included causing injury upon our fellow citizen.
Different countries, cities, towns, and villages experience contrasting cultural rules and regulations.
Judgment within context of cultural behavior is void because of the automatic behaviors stemming from the directives, yet karmic bonds still apply.
Each person lives within their culture and ascertains within the each experience.
The next life they will live within a different culture and discover a variety of experiences.
Spiritual growth accelerates through the experience of multiple lives within different cultures.
The rebirth cycle is beyond the comprehension of the majority, though few cultures in the world comprehend the context.
The context of the human cycle is dubiously misplaced within the educational process of most cultures.
Understanding the truth of the rebirth cycle will breakdown mass confusion within the deeper subjects of reality and cause the core detachment from the deception of the cultural education.
Identifying our subjective inner spirit of awareness can assist to detach and release the congested emotional baggage of the in-bred cultural entrainment that stores within the subconscious emotional reality.
Equality and subjectivity are rooted within the oneness of consciousness.
Therefore, surrendering the positioned attachment of worldly dualism will facilitate the raising of your personal level of consciousness.

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