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Group Gym Class Etiquette

When taking a group class at the gym, you should try to follow basic rules of respect and consideration, including the following: 1.
Be on time to class.
Do not enter a class late and disrupt the class.
Not only is it not safe, since you have not participated in the warm up, it can also distract other participants at a critical moment that could lead to an injury.
Avoid disrupting the class or bringing undue attention to yourself personally.
If you want to do an entirely different workout from the rest of the group, do not participate in the class.
It is one thing to modify exercises to suit your needs.
It is another thing to create an entirely different workout that can distract others.
Respect peoples individual space.
Whether you are new to a group or a confirmed regular, none of you own any of the real estate in the group training room.
Be flexible and accommodating to everyone's need for personal space.
Do not dominate.
If you have a personal complaint, do not voice it angrily and loudly at the instructor.
Seek a more private opportunity to voice your concerns.
If that is not possible, write a note to the program coordinator or manager.
Conduct yourself responsibly and maturely.
Get your own equipment and put your own equipment away.
Remember that every movement you do during the day counts as an activity.
Be considerate to others.
Do not bring children to the class, the training room is not designed to serve as a child care centre.
Wear clean and appropriate attire.
Avoid heavily scented products.
Keep your personal belongings in the locker room.
Avoid loud conversations with your friends.

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