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Coin Collecting Can Be Fun - 5 Tips to Care For Your Coins

Attention all future numismatic coin collectors do you know that coin collecting is both interesting and rewarding.
For one thing, it can easily become a good investment with a great payoff.
And for another, even if your motive for collecting coins is not purely monetary, the truth still remains that considering their meticulous and beautiful craftsmanship, gold and silver coins are a joy to own.
Owning one is like owning an interesting piece of culture.
So any serious collector of Gold and Silver coins sees it as more than just financial investment.
Regardless of your motive for collecting coins however, there are steps you can take to preserve the value of your precious metals-your collection of Gold and Silver coins: Even before storing, make sure that your coins are clean.
Even then, be very choosy of what you use to clean your coins.
Experts recommend the use of latex gloves along with solvents such as vinegar or lemon juice.
And most importantly, no matter what you use in cleaning, clean less often.
Always protect your coins from moisture.
This can generally be achieved by storing them in a locked box or cabinet to prevent exposure to destructive elements.
Sealed plastic cases are best for your most valuable coins as these will prevent them from mistakenly being scratched during storage.
Handle them around the edges.
Also bear in mind that gold and silver coins require special handling.
Even barely detectable dirt or sweat from your skin can gradually damage the fine finishing of your coin over a period of time.
So will mistakenly dropping them on surfaces.
So while handling, I is recommended that you place a soft cloth beneath the area you are handling your coins, just in case it drops.
This will prevent your coin from being scratched.
Invest in coin albums.
This is perhaps the best way of protecting your coins from dust as well as from friction.
And try and buy the albums made only for coin storage-not just any album.
Otherwise the inner surfaces could still leave fine scratches on your gold or silver coins.
And over time these friction can constitute significant wear and tear on your collection.
Avoid the temptation to constantly clean your coin-as if glitter determines the value.
The truth is that despite your best efforts, occasional exposure to air will still cause your precious metals to oxidize, and thus change color (they are metals after all!).
Avoid the temptation to rub and clean each time this happens.
Avoid cleaning your coins as much as possible because cleaning will gradually damage the finish.
Experience shows that most coin collectors find a coin's original appearance preferable-even if the color has been altered somewhat.
Even wiping your coins with soft cloth (if done too often) will gradually cause small scratches that may not be visible to the naked eye.
So generally, your coin collectible coins actually have greater value if you avoid handling them too frequently.
As a coin collector, maintaining your collectible coins should be a top priority to you.
After all, what the purpose of collecting coins if the traits that made them attractive yesterday are gone too soon due to poor handling.
Obviously the last thing you want to do is to knowingly or unknowingly devalue your collection.
If you are guided by tips discussed here, that may never happen to your coins.

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