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Tips on How to Lose 10 pounds to fit in Your Jeans!

Dreaming of fitting in your jeans once again? Always missing in action, cause you just don't feel confident anymore? Here is the answer to end all your miseries! Start reducing your sugar intake. Sweet as it is, you just have to stop the craving! Most of the food you eat definitely contains sugar, it's a matter of asking, "How much sugar does it have?" don't kid yourself!

If you say that you're cutting down on your sugar, stick up to it! But of course this has to be done gradually and not over do it as well. Remember that glucose is also an important component of your body. If sugar doesn't do the work, try dropping your weight by dropping your carbo intake as well. The amount of carbs you have to lose, will rely on your body composition. Some will just have to limit their carbs to 100 grams a day and lose weight, but some has to do a bit more to do so. Nevertheless, it would still help you lose weight. Now enough of your carbs and sugar, let's talk juice and veggies!

These fibers coming from veggies can extract the essential nutrients from the juice since your body doesn't have enough fiber. But you also have to be careful with juices, whether its fruit juices or not. Juices contains high sugar, better drink it fresh, like lemonade. Don't push thru a juice/veggie diet without having sufficient research; it may jeopardize your health. You may not know your physical and health threshold. Last but not the least; you can go to taking herbal supplement.

Herbs like chickweed will help you control your appetite. If you go for chlorophyll herb, it will aid in your bowel movement. This is more understood in the concept of cleansing. Now, all you have to do is try any if not all of these, and see how you can possibly lose 5-10 pounds quickly! But hey, don't expect it to stay that way, being fit and sexy is not an easy job.

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