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Introduction to Spring Java

    Application Framework

    • Application frameworks refer to a software framework designed for use by developers to implement a software application for a specific environment, such as a web application or operating system. Software frameworks offer a way for developers to use common programming code, which provides general functionality, and customize it via user code to create specialized programming functionality. The Spring Framework, specifically designed for use with Java, is an open-source application framework.

    Open Source

    • Open-source software refers to software available in a source code form that allows users to change it to fit their needs. Modified Java Spring Framework software can be freely redistributed under the terms of the license.


    • Java Spring Framework provides such programmer services as resource management, or the automatic acquiring and releasing of database resources, transaction participation, or transparent participation in ongoing transactions, and batch processing logging, tracing and transaction management. Batch processing refers to the execution of several computer programs without manual intervention.

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