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How to Clear a Dog's Throat

    • 1). Open the dog's mouth and move the tongue to the side, so you can see inside.

    • 2). Use your fingers to pull out anything you see in its mouth. Use a flashlight, tweezers and pliers, if they are handy: But don't waste time looking for these things, if you don't know where they are.

    • 3). Pull the tongue over the dog's canine teeth and put your mouth over its nose and mouth. Breathe two long breaths of air into the dog's lungs, being careful not to overflow the lungs. If the air moves freely, the air passages are clear.

    • 4). Repeat the breaths if the air does not move freely. This can assist the object in moving either up or down. Rush the dog to the vet, if the breaths are still not moving freely.

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