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How to Burn AOL 9.5 to a CD

    • 1). Download AOL 9.5 to your computer. Do not open the file.

    • 2). Insert a blank CD disc into your computer's disc drive. Click "Start," "Computer" and open the drive folder if your computer does not open it.

    • 3). Click and drag the AOL 9.5 file into the CD folder. A pop-up box will ask, "Do You Want to Write These Files to CD?" Click "Yes" to confirm your choice.

    • 4). Wait for the file to finish writing to your blank CD. This could take up to several minutes. Once complete, the box will close.

    • 5). Remove the CD from your computer. Re-insert it to make sure it burned correctly. Click "Start" and "Computer."

    • 6). Double-click the CD folder in your "Computer" menu. Launch AOL 9.5 from the CD.

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