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iPhone App Development - Where to Start?

It seems there's an iPhone App for everything...
all major brands, shops, tv programmes, news channels have an App.
Then there's Apps for blogging, calculating, translating, photography and spelling.
There are utility Apps such as torches, levels, compasses, satalite navs and star gazers.
Then a personal favourite; there's the gaming Apps.
Apps made famous by their inclusion in the App Store such as Angry Birds, Plants vs Zombies and Cutting the Rope.
Apps of original games such as Scrabble, Monopoly, Battle Ships and Snakes & Ladders.
Flight Control games, Driving games, Puzzle games, the list goes on and on.
Sitting in the airport waiting for a flight seems like minutes rather than hours, the doctor running thirty minutes late is not a problem anymore and the boring three-hour afternoon meetings seem to ease by (with only one or two scolding's)! So what makes a good App? Looking at two sides of the coin, Rovio; the Finnish designers of the now infamous 'Angry Birds'; had a development team of seventeen; busy programming over eight months; spending an estimated $100,000, incorporating thousands of changes.
It's estimated Angry Birds has now taken somewhere in the region of $50 million.
Now in contrast, Robert Nay; a 14-year-old boy from Utah inspired by his mother and friends; developed the simplistic game 'Bubble Ball' in his bedroom, at no cost, and has subsequently seen his game downloaded over two million times since it's release in late December 2010.
What is very clear is App Development is a level playing field.
There's no need to spend thousands and have a small army busy programming the perfect App.
Any individual can create an App at next-to-no cost; all the matters is how much they wish to put into development of their App.
Always remember, sometimes the simplest of Apps receive the most attention (the iFart App for instance).
So what is the key to success? A winning idea for an App is essential, be it a game or a utility App.
An idea that is different to other Apps, something exciting and innovative.
If you find that your idea is similar to an App already available, then ensure your App is better, improve and include new features, make it a better experience for the user, have a sleeker design and make it more user-friendly.
Plan out your App, detailing how it will look on the iPhone and how it will function, have a clear picture of your intended audience and what they will want from your App.
And remember, if you intend to charge for your App, make sure the user will get value from it.
If your App is a utility or reference App, then make sure you have knowledge of the subject in question.
Always keep in mind that developing a good App for the iPhone is sometimes not an easy task.
The task can become surprisingly easier if you use an iPhone App Development Tutorial that will guide you step-by-step through the development process.
A tutorial will give you the information on the route you need to take through the development cycle, from idea creation through to acceptance and inclusion in the iTunes Store.
Make no mistake, the App market is saturated with below-par Apps, but with a little time and effort, and maybe inspiration from someone close, those of you looking at this right now may be able to create the next entertaining and useful 'number one' App.

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