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How to Choose the Perfect Pants For Your Body Shape

What are the perfect pants for your figure type? It depends mainly on your hips and legs, though your overall figure does play a part.
Anyone with narrow hips and long legs will look great in pants.
That is the figure type of runway models.
With small hips and long legs, pants will flatter you.
However, if your bust is big or your shoulders are wide, you would want pants that flare at the bottom to balance your top.
Looking great is about balance.
If you have wide hips, be a little more careful with pants.
Your ideal pants are flat front pants that fasten on your side.
Curvy pants that are wider at the hips and have a narrower waist would flatter a pear shape figure.
For the ideal pants, get one tailored, made to your exact measurements.
As for ready to wear, go for the curvier pants.
Straight cut pants that expect hips and waist to be about the same width, are out.
If you are tall, you can wear bootcut pants well.
On the other hand, if you are petite, go for straight legs as the extra fabric at the hem can make you look shorter.
Basically, if you have height, you can go for more dramatic looks, but if you are petite, be careful that whatever you wear does not overwhelm your frame.
If you have a tummy, then go for high waist pants that cover up and hold in your tummy.
If your tummy still shows, wear a top that covers the pants completely.
One of those babydoll tops, empire waist tops or any floaty, feminine tops or even a sleek top that skims your waist and hides the tummy would look great worn over your pants.
Either way, as long as you have a tummy or curvy hips, a pair of flat front pants [http://www.
htm] with no details on the waist or front would be ideal for curvy figures.
That flat front, especially if the zipper is at the side instead of the front, eliminates excess fabric and flattens your tummy area.
Assess your figure with an objective eye and you will be able to find your perfect pants.

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