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The Secrets to Business Success

I was delivering a one-on-one coaching call tonight and my client asked me the question of, 'How did you become so successful so fast?' and at first I paused and thought about that.
How did I become successful in just three and a half short years? The first thing I thought of was, 'Am I successful?' and that question alone could have taken me ten minutes to think about an answer to so instead of ponder that, I moved on.
I thought about what I had done over the course of my time in business and I thought about what had allowed me to achieve so much in such a short time.
Before I go into my secret to success, I want to illustrate what I've accomplished in three and a half short years.
The thing is, most people come to my website, see my services, see the title 'virtual assistant' and think, 'Okay, online administrative professional.
' The truth is, I'm so much more than that.
I am a born entrepreneur.
Everyday when I wake up, THIS is what I was meant to do.
I do it very well some days and not so well others.
I'm the navigator of my own world and therefore sometimes, I admittedly make mistakes.
I have grown so much and learned a lot about myself as both a business owner and as a human being.
Through all of that personal and business growth, I've accomplished many great things.
I've built a successful (and booked solid) service-based business at Business Services, ETC.
I've built a coaching practice that I absolutely love and where I can give back and teach and inspire others to do what I do.
That's at The VA Coach.
I have also recently launched a matchmaking service where I can help entrepreneurs find their perfect (and trained by moi!) virtual assistant at The VA Matchmaker.
I have a mastermind (membership based) business launching with a VA partner in a few weeks and I've got a rudimentary site at The VA Training Club ready to help train and educate VAs on the things that I feel make one more marketable.
The thing is, I'm a lot like the clients I serve.
I'm not just a task-based assistant whereby the client illustrates exactly what they want me to do.
Instead, the client tells me what they want to achieve and I go forth and make it happen.
I also make sure that I understand the inner workings of every possible business someone may want to create so that I can advise my client on what works and what doesn't.
So, why do I share that before I get into the secrets of success? I want you to know that I work really hard and that anything, absolutely anything, is possible if you put your mind to it and follow the things I am about to share with you.
The Speed of Implementation.
I can't take full credit for this.
I mean, I've always done it but I didn't come up with that line.
I don't really know who originally said it but I saw it on an Eben Pagan video (posted to my blog a few blogs back) and it resonated so well with me.
To be successful, you must take your ideas and implement them - FAST.
Don't hold back and don't dilly-dally with details and with trying to be perfect.
Get it up there and out there and tweak as you go.
Using Your Strengths & Delegating the Rest.
Don't try to do everything yourself.
Let's face it - we all know you're brilliant but to be successful, you need to learn that you aren't the best person to do everything in your business.
Read the E-Myth Revisited for a great take on what it means to wear many hats as an entrepreneur.
It'll make you realize that you should focus on what you're good at and then delegate out the rest.
Find the right people and they'll pay for themselves.
Surround Yourself with a Good Support System.
This is essential.
I've always been blessed with a great support system.
My family has always supported my dreams and has never held me back (even if some of them - like wanting to be a millionaire before I turn 30 - seems far-fetched) and my husband is numero uno in terms of providing me with space and time to grow and build my business.
Learn to surround yourself with positive people and rid yourself of the toxic people.
Only Do What You Love to Do.
I try to implement this daily.
I don't do anything I don't love to do.
Why? If I do things I don't like to do, I run the risk (the high risk) of doing a poor job at or taking light years to turn it around to my client.
We're not meant to do everything.
We're just not.
It's the same with clients - we're not meant to work with everyone.
We're meant to do the work where our passion lies and where our heart is because THAT makes us successful.
Only Work With People Who Energize & Inspire You.
This is really important.
While it sounds similar to the support system, this refers more directly to your clients and/or customers.
I've had an interesting entrepreneurial life thus far and I've met both really amazing clients and other clients whose styles did not mesh well with mine.
I've come to learn that I've got certain characteristics that not everyone can get used to - for example, I only do scheduled calls due to my busy work schedule - and if the people I work with can't come to terms with that, we won't work over the long-term.
So, find people that you are inspired and energized by and who embrace your talents and understand the way you work.
Limit Your Overhead.
Don't do things in a complicated way.
I swear to you, for everything you want to do in your business, you can usually do it on the cheap AND get a really professional result.
I've hardly spent any money on marketing or advertising for my business.
Aside from my website, I have very little marketing overhead.
My websites are done inexpensively too because I do them myself.
I understand that not everyone has that talent but do your research, stay in the green and you'll become more successful.
Think of how much less stress you'll have when money is not an issue! 7.
Be Aware of Your Human-ness.
I love this one.
I often find that in the land of the entrepreneur, too many people forget that they are human (or that those they are talking to are also human).
What I mean is that often times, things are done or said that would never be done or said if both parties were standing in the same room.
Treat your fellow entrepreneurs with respect and you'll go a lot farther.
This too is something I've learned as I've grown as a business owner and moved out of that 'corporate' mindset.
Be Generous.
Don't be afraid to give away information or help out your fellow business person for nothing in return.
I don't mean start giving away your services for free but sometimes, provide advice or give away an eBook and do it for free.
Don't ask for a favor in return and don't ask for payment.
Just do it.
It feels great and people will remember you.
Michael Port, a past client of mine, said (or quoted - I can't remember in the moment I write this entry) "Long after you're gone, people won't remember what you said but how you made them feel.

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