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Regulations on Gas Tank Retaining Walls

    Federal Regulations

    • Federal regulations require that "additional metal thickness or suitable protective coatings or linings shall be provided to compensate for the corrosion loss expected during the design life of the tank," according to Code of Federal Regulations 29 part 1910.106b,1,vi. The Code of Federal Regulations for gas tank retaining walls, follows the standards the American Petroleum Institute has established.

    National Standards

    • The American Petroleum Institute has a list of publications on the various types of tanks, which include above ground, below ground and storage facilities. These publications give the requirements and standards for gas tank retaining walls based on type and make of the tank, using a calculation method (See Resources).

    Seminars and Training

    • The API conducts training and seminars to keep you informed of the standards, regulations and safety requirements for gas tank retaining walls, storage and use. For a gas tank conference only, the fee is $525 for members and $625 for non-members, as of 2010.

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