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Installation Guide for a Maytag Oven Model MMW7530WDW

    • 1). Open the door on the oven and locate the hinges in the bottom corners. Rotate the hinges forward into an unlocked position and remove the door from the oven.

    • 2). Cut the cable ties that hold the side trim on the right side of the oven with a utility knife. Remove the side trim pieces from the oven.

    • 3). Turn off the breaker that controls the electrical circuit you plan to use for connecting the oven. You must complete the wiring in a UL listed or CSA listed junction box. Slide the oven within proximity of the junction box.

    • 4). Secure the wires extending from the circuit to the wires extending from the power cord on the microwave. Wrap the exposed ends of each like-color together with wire nuts. Wrap electrical tape around each wire nut to secure the nut to the wires. Place the cover on the junction box and secure it with the supplied screws and a screwdriver.

    • 5). Lift the oven up and slide it into the recess in the wall. Press on the front trim panels to slide the oven into the wall. If the model has shipping feet, use a screwdriver to remove the feet before installing into the wall.

    • 6). Screw #8-14 1-inch long screws through the holes in the mounting rails. For this oven, use all four screws provided with the oven.

    • 7). Slide the oven vent onto the front by lining up the tabs on the vent with the tabs on the oven. Secure the vent to the oven with the supplied screws and a screwdriver. This oven vents into the home and not outside the home.

    • 8). Slide the trim pieces over the mounting rails to hide the attachment screws.

    • 9). Place the oven door onto the oven and slide the hinges into the locked position.

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