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Set the tone with stylish christening invitations!

Christenings are a day of celebration and joy.  A time for family and close friends to come together on this special occasion and share it with you.

Of course the planning takes places weeks, or even months, before the day itself and much thought will have gone into the reception venue, the food, decorations, cake and of course the christening gown. If you are lucky enough you may have a robe already passed through the generations ready to take its place at the centre of the ceremony. That's such a nice thought isn't it? A real sense of continuity and history within your family.

Christening invitations can set the tone ahead of the big day. There are so many styles to choose from these days – take a trip to a local craft shop to find some inspiration and you could find yourself making your own. Some good quality card, nice text font and a colour printer and you could be on your way to designing and producing lovely invites.

If, like me, most of your purchases are made online, a quick search and you will be presented with a huge variety of choices. What's especially good about looking on the web is that you can quickly compare quality, price and delivery. All this helps you decide which designs to select. Or at least allows you to make a short list.

Personalised christening invitations are very popular these days. These cards allow you to all details such as the date, venue and any special message. For that extra special touch you could even add your favourite photos. An added bonus is that they also make lovely keepsakes.

No doubt your little one will receive some beautiful christening gifts - silver is very popular as are baby name gifts. Naturally money is always well received! The Godparents have a real sense of responsibility and most look for something very special.

It's important to thank people for their presents and good wishes after the day, and a stylish way to do that is by sending a co-ordinating card which matches the christening invitation. These can also be personalised which makes such a nice finishing touch and you could even include photos of the day along with a special message and words of thanks.

Enjoy creating and sharing special memories of the day - ones which will be remembered and enjoyed by everyone for many years to come.

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