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Basic Methods of LPG Conversion

Different cars have different LPG conversion methods that are suitable for them.
This will depend on the type of the car and its features as well.
Even as you consider getting your car converted, it is important to know which type of conversion would be most suitable for your car.
LPGA approved service providers will give you the best conversion for your car, but it does not hurt to know what would work best for your vehicle.
Open loop The first type of LPG conversion is the open loop.
This particular method is designed for vehicles with multiple carburetor or early fuel engines that have no fuel management.
This will usually be suitable for cars that were bought before 1992.
The simplest and oldest design, this method uses a single point gas mixer to supply vaporized gas to a certain level that can be adjusted.
Closed loop The closed loop method of LPG conversion is similar to the open loop system, but with a form of variable mixture control.
The difference between these two systems is in the way that the mixture control is handled.
The fuel mixture can be varied in the closed loop system by a mixture controller.
This device reads the mixture information from the oxygen or lambda sensor that is found in the exhaust.
In addition, this method also comes with a valve that moves in and out to vary the amount of gas that is allowed to get into the engine.
In this way, the system is considered intelligent.
The method is suitable for most cars up to 1996.
Multi point gas injection For cars bought between 1992 and 1999, the multi point gas injection method is recommended.
It is a form of the closed loop system and is also intelligent, gathering information on fuel mixture from the oxygen sensor.
Although it is more expensive than the previous methods, it is the most fuel efficient.
New methods The multi point sequential gas injection method is an improvement on the above, and can accommodate vehicles from 1992 to the present.
Further, the latest method that is in use today is the Romano 'N' type multi point sequential gas injection system.
This super intelligent system requires even more information from the vehicle's engine including gas temperature, gas pressure and petrol injector pulse length.
Whichever LPG conversion method you go for, you can be sure that your car will be environment friendly, and you will save significantly on fuel costs.

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